Foto Behandlungsstuhl

What happened to the chair arms?

Give it a try: Just as soon as your hands grasp the chair arms, your jaw becomes tense. If this tension is to be released, the dentist has to give you a shot – simply not pleasant. The easier way: We threw out the chair arms; your jaw will remain relaxed.

Now you know why our dentist’s chairs have no arms – and why we give 30% fewer shots.

Foto Warteraum

Not enough time to read

The bad news first: Your wait at our practice is so brief that you won’t have time to read a magazine article. But now the good news: If you’ve found something interesting during your 5-minutes of browsing, we’ll be only too pleased to copy it for you.

Foto Akupunkturnadel

The magic needle

Think you need local anaesthetic for gag reflex? There’s a much better instrument against this reflex, one that has proven its value for thousands of years: An acupuncture needle is placed between the lower lip and chin. It doesn’t hurt, yet works wonders.

Foto Zahnlabor

Just round the corner

No dentures without a dental lab. But the way there is often far. You waste time when the product and documents have to move here and there between the practice and the lab. Not with us. The dental lab is not even ten metres from our practice. Short distances equal quick treatment.

Foto Versorgungskanäle

Back to the roots

Modern dental treatment relies on high tech. And it needs, in the literal sense, a foundation. That’s why our cellar is not a storage room but the basis for the inner workings of the practice. That’s how we make certain that electricity, water, pressurized air flow reliably at all times.

Foto Bürgermeisterei

All in white

Earlier couples were married here. Because the town hall was also the registrar’s office. Today you won’t find any brides all in white, rather our dental practice team (in white, of course). And wedding couples only come into the house so that that their teeth will also sparkle on their resplendent festive day.

Foto Pflastersteine

A total work of art

A masterpiece. Many cobblestones join to make a whole which looks not only impressive but is also resilient. The teeth function according to a similar principle. That’s why we don’t “doctor” round on individual teeth but keep an eye on the whole. So that the “total-work-of-art teeth” function impeccably.

Foto Silber

Precious metal hygiene

Silver was used earlier for dental amalgam fillings. Today that is considered to have been a mistake because precious metals can be used more effectively elsewhere. Silver acts as an anti-microbial by hindering germ formation and thus provides for hygienically clean water, especially important after the dental treatment.

Foto Schatztruhe

Treasure chest

Courage should be rewarded. That’s why we open up the treasure chest for children after the dental examination. It’s then no wonder that many children have come to look forward to coming into the practice. A visit to the dentist can be fun.