What you can expect of us

Have you got a couple of minutes? You’ll be amazed at what all our dental practice can do today:

Sedation & surgery

Earlier, surgery was simply another word for pulling teeth. Today surgery can also imply operations for accident injuries and tumours as a part of dental practice. And without full anaesthetic, rather only with gentle sedation – as if you were taking a nap.


It is not only the teeth than can become diseased (key word: cavities) but also the periodontium supporting the teeth. With periodontology, we ensure that gums and the teeth-anchoring bone remain healthy, for example, by removing dental plaque.

Dental protection

Unhealthy teeth need not always be pulled. Thanks to measures such as fillings, root treatments and crowns, we can preserve many diseased teeth permanently.

Prosthetics & implantology

It hasn’t been long since there were only false teeth, either removable or fixed in the mouth, a case for dental prosthetics. By now, however, it is also possible to implant root components.


At first they’re hated, then loved: Thanks to “braces”, many a crooked row of teeth can be straightened. A benefit of orthodontics which corrects falsely positioned teeth or jaw alignment by means of braces (or sometimes surgical procedures).


The word sounds like gnawing. And that’s exactly what it’s all about. We examine the chewing apparatus as a whole, also the joints, cartilage discs, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and muscles. Because malfunctions and tensions of the chewing apparatus can have an effect on the entire body. They are a not uncommon cause of back pain.

Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth are like a calling card – it should be convincing. By using white fillings and all-ceramic crowns and bridges and whitening teeth with gentle bleaching, we ensure that you have not only healthy but good-looking teeth.


We employ this proven method from traditional Chinese medicine in our dental treatments. That means for you fewer shots, less medication.


Prevention is better than repairing. Whoever wishes to prevent cavities or periodontitis would be wise to take prophylactic measures. Among them are intensive dental hygiene, fluoridation, sealing and professional cleaning.